Campus Resources

Queer Studies at UIUC
• The Gender and Women's Studies Program offers a:
• Major with a queer studies focus (focus area will not appear on the academic transcript)
• LGBT/Queer Studies Minor

Queer Studies Information Resources
• LGBT Bibliographer, John Littlewood (University of Illinois)
• Women's and Gender Studies Information Resources Librarian, Cindy Ingold (University of Illinois)
• Resources in LGBT Studies(University of Illinois)
• Transgender Literature for Young Adults (University of Illinois)
• Beginning Library Research on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Studies (Stanford University)
• Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Studies (Duke University)
• (University of Leeds, Institute of Communications Studies)

Career Services
• LGBT Career and Educational Resources (University of Illinois)

Campus LGBT Scholars and Programs
• Steven J. Schochet Center for GLBT Studies (University of Minnesota)
• Program in the Study of Sexualities (Duke University)
• Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals

Centers and Institutions
• Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (City University of New York)
• The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction (Indiana University)

Archives and Libraries
• Women and Gender Studies Information Resources Librarian at UIUC

Library Cindy Ingold 217.333.7998 
• Gerber / Hart Library (1127 W. Granville Ave., Chicago)
• Lavender Legacies -- Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable (Society of American Archivists)
• Research Guide to Gay and Lesbian Studies (New York Public Library)
• ONE Institute -- International Gay and Lesbian Archives

• Sexual Orientation: Science, Education, and Policy (University of California, Davis)